In this example I have bought liquid chalk to use the glass as a novel way to illustrate a lesson. The second example is a mind map for Spanish teaching.
The digital camera is an easy way to keep a record of your work for reflecting later.

My first digital camera was tiny, it fitted in my handbag, and for that reason I used it often and without thinking it became a part of my handbag assets. I can't believe it, but that was 14 years ago I bought my first digital camera.

It was in reflection one day that I realised how my enthusiasm had changed because the little digital camera opened up opportunities I could not have imagined.
The first was keeping a record of the explanations in the classroom. I found it hard to reflect from home without closing my eyes and pretending I was back in class to "see" the events of the day unfold. natural
Taking a picture of just one situation (without children of course) I could remember the whole lesson and I could then expand on that lesson.

From all angles the practical uses I found with this tool include being able to:
  • expand on the lesson, and think of other ways to deliver the key points, say through a game, or other activity
  • keep a record of my work for students that are away
  • have a resource I can re-use and improve on for next time
  • a great tool for revision
  • a reminder of my method of teaching for future work, mentioning and teaching.
The changes in mobile technology allow me to have a camera in my phone, iPad and use this tool as a natural extension of my professional practice. What innovative way are you using your camera or digital technology?          
                                                                                                                                                                             -Massiel Barros-Torning